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Teacher Judith White, Week 4- Planets

Ballydown P.S. | Teacher Journal : Teacher Judith White

Week 4- Planets

February 13, 2019

Its been a long time but we are back doing the art project again. Hooray!
We talked a little bit about the carrots and what we did before. It was a couple of months since we last met and I was amazed at what my kids could recall. Then we started thinking of the earths crust (skin) and core……..we discussed what the inside of the earth looked liked and had a great discussion with many interesting ideas and suggestions. We also looked at different planets and their cross section and then we had to imagine that we were travelling through space and cutting all the planets in half. The colours inside where so vibrant and the layers and patterns so interesting.
Ann asked the P2s to use oil pastels and tracing paper to draw on and create colourful memory drawings of what they had seen. Some found it tricky to colour on the light paper and to make sure they coloured heavily and left no white spaces.
I didn’t get all the images photographed but the ones I did are just stunning. The children were so excited to show Ann that there was a queue up to the computer.