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Artist Julie Forrester, The day after the MAC visit

Killard house school artist journal : Artist Julie Forrester

The day after the MAC visit

March 23, 2019

So the next day was a real visit with year 9s in their classroom.  Ms Davey’s year 12s kindly let me take over the centre of the artroom – reinstalling year 9s planets from the MAC visit. This was just great, as year 12s were the first Killard House artists on Virtually There (2016/17 –  Blending In and Standing Out) and soon we were dissolving boundaries mucking in with each others tasks – year 12s helping me to fix up the solar system and me chatting with them about their school projects.


When year 9s arrived we revisited our time at the MAC talking about things we remembered (yes – the dead bird!) and our impressions of the exhibition. We spent a lot of time talking about the skyline – ‘Peninsulian’ by Özge Topçu – and how honey dippers can look like buildings, how different countries have different shaped buildings, (why is this I wonder …) We talked about landmarks in Belfast – the Harland and Wolff cranes “Samson and Goliath” and we remembered the picture we had seen in the student competition of the “Balls on the Falls” Sculpture (Rise by Wolfgang Buttress). We talked about how collections of things  can look like city-scapes or landscapes, the kinds of things people in the class collect (bones, rocks) and what kind of collections we could begin to make a piece of work. We found a connection with Ms Davey’s paintings which feature the shapes of buildings in places she’s travelled through, especially from her time in Russia! We tried to remember as much as we could about our visit.

We wanted to complete our work from the MAC and so we took our planets out to the yard and enacted our solar system. We used a long string and some chalk to draw orbits  around our purple sun  (wo)manned expertly by Kayleigh-  putting our planets in the correct order of distance the Hot planet – the animal planet and the Black Hole with the Gassy Planet moving in and out between all 3. We managed to perform 3 revolutions before it was time to go home.