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Teacher Chris McCambridge, Green Screen

St Colman's P.S . class journal : Teacher Chris McCambridge

Green Screen

June 14, 2019

Green screen! After the last session, we wanted the children to experience recording using a green screen. Having set up the green screen in the school assembly hall, we hoped that the better lighting would help with the quality of the recording. By using the green screen, it also meant that we could record each child individually, allowing them greater freedom to ‘express’ themselves. John would later place high resolution photographs of our pixelated classroom paintings behind the children on the green screen.

The children loved the experience of using green screen for the first time. John set up the equipment and recorded each child and their movements; with their pixelated heads and without. They were able to dance around and create funny and unusual movements. It was great fun!

After we had finished the recording, John surprised the children by showing them the virtual reality video from our last session. With enough VR headsets to go around, every child (and adult) got to experience the ‘pixelated’ VR environment from our last session. Everyone found the experience amazing! For a lot of the children, this was their first experience of virtual reality. It was amusing to see everyone, when using a headset, reaching out or pointing to different children in the environment.

All the children’s hard work and dedication had paid off. We’re definitely excited to see the results from using green screen in this session and compare them to our previous recording. We can’t wait for John’s next visit!