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Artist Naomi Draper, VT 6 30/01/19 Keeping warm!!

St James P.S. | Artist journal : Artist Naomi Draper

VT 6 30/01/19 Keeping warm!!

March 5, 2019

Our real visit was snowed off today, but the beauty of the project is that we can still meet. All wrapped up, surrounded and bound by materials, textiles and fibers that keep us warm, we took the time this morning to investigate the different fabrics that surround us. Coats, hats, jumpers, gloves, sweater, towels, bags, pencil cases, noticeboard felt, window blinds, carpets and the alter cloth….. we are completely caught in the middle of many different materials from many different places. But what are they and where do they come from, who made them and how did they do it, our investigations connect and link us further with all the things we wrap ourselves up in.

We decided to explore processes used to generate these materials focusing on weaving. Looms are prepared and threaded with a warp, and we are ready for the next day……. but before we meet again we will investigate handmade objects from home, who made them, how they were made, what they are made from and where did they come from??