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Artist Naomi Draper, VT 8 13/02/19 85 bits = 12cm x 12cm

St James P.S. | Artist journal : Artist Naomi Draper

VT 8 13/02/19 85 bits = 12cm x 12cm

March 5, 2019

Memories fresh from our Real Visit, we began our session looking a small samples of weavings Ms Cross had collected. Each piece measuring approximately 12cm x 12cm, was constructed from approximately 85 bits…deconstructed, dismantled and unraveled these pieces were carefully examined. Getting a sense of the time and abundance of materials required to make a small piece, together we decided to use these strands to construct another piece, tying, knotting and attaching each piece to the next, a long line growing as each person attached their pieces of yarn to their friends, forming a loop. More materials left over, Ms Cross laid a large mesh across each table and through it again over and under and in and out the bits we unraveled earlier in our session were woven into it.