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Teacher Stella Cross, Session 1- Welcome Naomi. 17.10.18

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Session 1- Welcome Naomi. 17.10.18

June 11, 2019

It’s the beginning of a new project with the new class. An older age group to work with Naomi our artist. A class of seven/eight year olds. Year 4 show as much enthusiasm as the Year 2 children had always shown.
A loose idea of where we wanted to go on this year’s project. Thinking first of places the children visited this summer, Naomi got to meet the class and match the face to the name. Memories were shared and the children happily told Naomi special things that they remembered about places they visited. This too was a new special interactive place that the class could share together with Naomi. The online nature of the exchanges posed no effort to the keen class. Postcards of Boyle where Naomi lived and worked inspired the class to draw their own postcards. We shared these with our new on screen friend.