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Teacher Stella Cross, Session 3 – Handmade by Us! 14.11.18

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Session 3 – Handmade by Us! 14.11.18

June 11, 2019

After an inspiring ‘Away Day’ working together with a craftswoman in Loughgall, Naomi and I had woven two, wicker baskets. The willow smell throughout the class was another sense heightened as the basket was passed around. Naomi showed us another handmade souvenir she kept with her. A diamond shaped wool piece wrapped around some thin sticks. A lovely pattern of colours on show. The children were keen to make their own ‘Eye of God’ and chose their preferred wool pieces. Naomi demonstrated and gave oral instructions to follow. It was brilliant to see so many pupils get the hang of it so easily and be able to show their peers how to do it. They confidently wrapped the wool over and around the thin cross they made. Those who found it more difficult willingly accepted their friend’s help. Different pupils felt a sense of success as they mastered the skill before their friends. Smiles all round.