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Teacher Stella Cross, Session 8 – Splitting Threads

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Session 8 – Splitting Threads

June 11, 2019

Little woollen squares of cloth that just wanted to be touched and pulled apart. Little stray threads hanging out at the edge. The excitement in the class at being given permission to deconstruct. I wonder how many threads will be in the small square ? Guess ranged between 60 to more than 100. Lets find out. Estimating skills practiced. Counting skills practiced as threads were set out in bundles of 5 10 or 20. Sorting threads into sets of similar colours. Measuring the length of the threads Its a fun way to learn our times tables. Alice came to visit the class during this session. It’s always a comfortable and inviting space for visitors who call into the class during Virtually There Sessions. (Aren’t we the lucky class!) We knotted our threads and connected them with our friends. We sat within the newly formed thread circle of our friends, just as we had done during Naomi’s real visit. Connected. Connections always being made. Alice draped our knotted thread above the Interactive White Board. A souvenir- keepsake.