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Artist Sharon Kelly, MIND PROTECTORS

St. Patrick's P.S. | Artist Journal : Artist Sharon Kelly


March 28, 2019

We began our last online session by responding to a window view-collage I had uploaded on the screen. A sort of negative silhouette of a head, through which the real sky and white clouds floated. The discussion unravelled thus…

zen, relaxed, Friday feeling, interesting, calm, imagining, freedom, worry settled to the bottom,  floating, reminiscing, thinking back over happy memories,  colour, blue, sky, water, empty, empty the mind, settle the mind, quiet, still, sleeping, watching clouds on a trampoline.

Our recent explorations had taken us from bracing from physical impact to now the idea of bracing the mind… could we envision MIND PROTECTORS? and what would they protect us from?

Materials were clustered in the centre of the circle; the middle of the classroom.


Children looked, sifted through, lifted, wondered and imagined…

A discussion ensued, rich and meaningful. Of things important in their lives, family, friendships, school and of pressures they may face.

Mind protectors could be layered, soundproof, durable, flexible, strong, filter things, see through things, be an antennae, bounce things back.

I invited the children to draw out some ideas on tracing paper, which they could lay over their self portrait heads from the last session. They could use their experience of all the testing of materials that they had done over the weeks and envision something to protect their mind.

Then I witnessed the most amazing getting to work; making and doing; busying themselves engagement and creativity… sorting, testing, fitting, adjusting, revealing, scouring, designing, modifying, imagining, pondering, working, fixing!

Thank you to everyone for such memorable time together. Virtual, real and all the wonderful imaginary space in which we travelled.



Our final session together is to visit the FE McWilliam Gallery in Banbridge and see the Locky Morris exhibition together. See you there!